A cross between Moscow show trials and Salem witchraft hysteria…

13 Mart 2012


Paul Krugman has posted a piece by Dani on his New York Times blog that updates the situation with respect to the Sledgehammer trial.  Here is an excerpt:

“Erdoğan has recently distanced himself from the Gülenists, in part because of his party’s discomfort with their judicial manipulations. But he has yet to withdraw his support from the case against the military officers or to take action against the worst legal abuses taking place. (See here for a good recent overview.) Meanwhile, journalists who pry into such matters are silenced. Turkey currently holds more journalists in prison than China and Iran combined. Only recently have foreign journalists begun to penetrate the fog that surrounds the case and report on the blatant forgeries (see accounts in the New Yorker, Newsweek, and London Times).

The travesty that the trial represents reached new heights last week when the judge ruled to move to the final stage of the trial, bypassing defendants’ requests for examination of the prosecution’s evidence. In effect, the judge decided to completely overlook the countless anachronisms, inconsistencies, and physical impossibilities on which the case rests. A guilty verdict has become virtually certain.

The tragedy extends far beyond the injustice perpetrated on the victims of the trial. When a trial that has been marketed as a nascent democracy’s victory against military rule is fully exposed as the fraud that it is, it will be Turkey’s judiciary and democracy that will receive the greatest blow. It will take decades before the political system can fully recover from the massive undermining of the rule of law that the government and its Gülenist allies have inflicted on it.”

You can read the piece in full here.

Abone Ol

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4 Yorum “A cross between Moscow show trials and Salem witchraft hysteria…”

  1. ihtimal Says:

    Sevgili Dani, gorunuse gore Turkiye ile belirli bir seviyede ilgili insanlar senin goruslerini cok fazla umursamiyorlar, Amerika Birlesik Devletlerinde bile

    Paul Krugman Sayfasindan…..

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    ..I have no knowledge of any of the specifics in this trial, but I am studying Turkey. Obviously, if everything here written is true, it is a great tragedy – not only for the people involved, but also for Turkish jurisprudence. That said, Turkish jurisprudence is also somewhat sketchy to begin with, and historically on the side of the same people who are currently being indicted.

    However, I think there’s a meaningful flip-side to be told as well. As the article says, Turkey does have a long history of military intervention. If these trials can gut the networks that certainly do exist and prevent future coups d’état, then I think of it as a good thing, despite the cost.

    What Turkey really needs is a political opposition that is free of the taint of the interventions. A rejuvenated CHP is, at this point, the only credible option, but the CHP still has an old guard that needs to be phased out. Hopefully the not-quite-as-Moscow-style purge (Turkey has eliminated the death penalty) will remove those elements from the opposition, so that it can campaign without that vestigial aura of military and judicial interference.


  2. trssby Says:


    Dezenformasyonun nasıl yapılacağı konusunda uygulamalı örnek. Dezenformasyon aynen senin yaptığın gibi yapılır. Paul Krugman, Eğer Daninin görüşlerini umusamıyor ise niye makalesinde Daniye referans veriyor. Ayrıca, buraya görüşünü aktardığın öğrencinin Daninin görüşerini nasıl umursamadığını açıklar isen sevinirim. Dani Türkiyede idamın kaldırılmasını mı savunuyor yoksa askeri müdahalelerin yapılmasını mı?


  3. tercüman Says:

    If these trials can gut the networks that certainly do exist and prevent future coups d’état, then I think of it as a good thing, despite the cost.

    well put…


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