The New York Times on the Gulen movement

It’s nice to see the New York Times catch up to the reality of the Gulen movement and what it is up to in Turkey.  In a long article, the Times discusses the cases of Ahmet şık, Hanefi Avci, and Zeki Ucok, among others – all victims of Gulenist defamation and bogus court cases.

The article was published earlier in the Times’ European affiliate, the International Herald Tribune, and led to predictable denials from Zaman columnists and Gulen’s lawyers.  Columns by the likes of Ekrem Dumanli and Bulent Kenes, giving journalism lessons to the New York Times, are full of the unintentional irony and humor that we have come to expect from Gulenist writers.

Abone Ol

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One Comment “The New York Times on the Gulen movement”

  1. ftimur Says:

    Since the early days of Erdogan’s reign, the duo Sebnem Arsu and Sabrina Tavernise worked hard to present him as a freedom fighter, a new kind of Nelson Mandela, fighting against Turks, white Turks, secular elites, old guards, military and judiciary. Erdogan was so successful so that, almost all bad guys are in Silivri camp now. The word “Turk” has become a bad word. Even Joe Biden said “Turkey’s people” not to say “Turkish people” in his visit.
    However, Erdogan, the duo’s hero, is in trouble with the Imam, who had been very helpful until recently, tries to steal his victory. Here’s Ms. Arsu again to defend Erdogan. Is this the official position of American government, or just personal?


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