Where does Etyen Mahçupyan get his facts?

18 Şubat 2011


Etyen Mahçupyan tries to explain away the inconsistencies and anachronisms in the Sledgehammer documents in Today’s Zaman (where else?) by claiming that the documents were updated:

“Furthermore, as the military officers who were plotting to overthrow the government were waiting for suitable conditions for a coup to emerge, necessary corrections were made to these plans due to the changing details. Indeed, the nine sacks of 43 dossiers found hidden under the floor at the Gölcük Naval Command offer us the updated versions of the plan. One can see that the last update was made in July 2009.”

Mahçupyan gets his facts wrong.  The Sledgehammer documents found in Gölcük are identical and bear the same dates (“last saved,” etc.) as the original documents, from 2002-2003 – and therefore all the original anachronisms as well.  There is absolutely no indication from the new find that the “coup plans” were updated, in July 2009 or at any other time.

Which makes us really wonder: what on earth is going on with people who so blatantly distort the facts?

Abone Ol

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4 Yorum “Where does Etyen Mahçupyan get his facts?”

  1. ihtimal Says:

    As long as you hold onto fake truth, you will keep asking what on earth is going on with ALL the people who so blatantly distort YOUR “facts”!


    • Can Acar Says:


      Please enlighten us with the “true” truth. The contents of the “sacks” are published, so is the forensics report from the Army investigators regarding the contents of the Harddisks, it should not be difficult for someone of your intelligence and analytical mind to analyze these reports and tell us the truth.


  2. Bekir L. Yildirim Says:

    “Where does Etyen Mahçupyan get his facts?”

    Thats a tough one! Not from you or Oda-Tv apparently.

    Where do you get yours? (dont bother to answer Dani-rhetorical q.)

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.


  3. Faiq Yəhyayev Says:

    Facts? Who cares about the facts or justice or democracy?
    Would you?

    Would you care about the facts…. if… this lawsuit… was about a someone with a completely different political view? (In the past nobody heard anything from you about the unfair trials of the conservative muslims, kurds etc., If existed, probably you would emphasize them in this blog.)

    Or would your father (in law)? Or would all who claim that this case is actually a conspiracy? (They were quite aloof with the “plots” in the past, if not the “plotters”)

    If so… If you say “you would” and “they would”, then all what happened around sledgehammer and Ergenekon hit home and as a nation, we took the “moral” of the story.

    I don’t agree to that. If we passed through that phase, we would never hear “that threatening and revengeful Turkish idiom”(*) whispered by the supporters of sledgehammer-coup mongers…

    Although sledgehammer is reduced to adze, (shall we count this an imrovement?:) they seem to wait until the time “the direction of adze” turn about.

    They are still revengefull and not at the point of figuring out the real value of “Facts”, “Justice” and “Democracy”.

    We have a long way to go. This lawsuit became quite useful to make all those who were oppressive, antidemocratic and authoritarian start learning the principles of coexistence. This is a gain. I hope they make these important principles part of their souls soon. (We will easily figure it out, when we don’t hear either “sldgehammer” or “adze” anymore!)

    *For those who are curious about the Turkish idiom which became a mantra of the supporters of coup mongers, it can be translated as: “As the direction of the adze changes (in the future), so will the plans and the positions” meaning: “If we come back to the government, you will be in a worse position than ours”. This is a common one. Actually there are more obvious threats uttered by them around than this one.


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