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Bülent Keneş’s twisted logic: If the prosecutors cannot prove their case, the defense has to do it for them…

27 Ekim 2011

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Alexander Christie-Miller deserves a lot of credit for pursuing the Sledgehammer case doggedly. His latest is here. What is interesting in this article is that Christie-Miller has also spent some time discussing the case with Bülent Keneş of Today’s Zaman.  As we have written recently and frequently, Zaman and its sister publication Today’s Zaman have […]

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Today’s Zaman acknowledges misrepresenting colonel’s statement

26 Ekim 2011

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We have received the following e-mail from Today’s Zaman in relation to our previous post: “Dear Cdgercekler admin and authors, I am writing this letter in response to your blog post entitled “Another blatant lie from Today’s Zaman” posted on Oct. 23. The link to the said post is this: I am the person […]

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Another blatant lie from Today’s Zaman

23 Ekim 2011

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Zaman and its English-language sister Today’s Zaman work so hard to distort the facts of the Balyoz/Sledgehammer case that it is hard to avoid the conclusion that they are complicit in the evidence fabrication that lies at the heart of the case. Here is the opening paragraph* of a recent article from TZ, from October […]

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Gareth Jenkins’ latest on Ergenekon/Balyoz

30 Ağustos 2011


(This is cross-posted from Dani’s blog.) Gareth Jenkins remains the most astute and knowledgeable analyst of Turkey’s political-military trials. He has been attacked relentlessly by Gulenists and others close to the government because of his critical views on these trials. But because he sticks to the facts — he knows Turkish well and reads the […]

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Etyen Mahçupyan’s outrageous article

20 Ağustos 2011

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Frederike Geerdink brings to our attention a piece in Today’s Zaman by Etyen Mahçupyan which demonstrates, as Geerdink puts it, that Mahçupyan “kinda lost his mind.”  Mahçupyan puts down Western journalists who have been critical of Erdogan for demonstrating a “categorical bias” that is “reminiscent of Breivik.” It is frightening that one of Turkey’s leading […]

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Newsweek gets it too

17 Ağustos 2011

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“The web stretched still wider last year after an unknown person deposited with a journalist a suitcase of documents and CDs purporting to contain proof of a coup code-named Sledgehammer, allegedly planned in 2003 under the leadership of the First Army commander, Gen. Cetin Dogan, for which nearly 200 officers face trial. The “evidence” is […]

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The Times: The ‘doctored evidence’ at heart of case against generals accused of plotting coup

12 Ağustos 2011


The London Times decides to take a close look at the Sledgehammer case, and guess what it finds: the evidence on which the case is based is evidently fabricated. As the newspaper puts it: “Doctored evidence lies at the heart of a mass trial credited with breaking the power of Turkey’s military.” Read the article, and […]

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Hollywood in Turkey

22 Temmuz 2011

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In a Hollywood courtroom drama, you know that the hero, set up by the bad guys, will eventually be cleared – but not before the noose tightens around his neck. Just when it looks like the accumulating evidence has condemned him, a sudden turn of events will prove his innocence and expose those who framed […]

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Caution: Sham trial in process

30 Haziran 2011

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(The following is taken from Dani Rodrik’s blog.) A Turkish court accepted a second indictment yesterday in the infamous Sledgehammer case, adding 28 new names to the 195 officers already under indictment (most of whom have been jailed).  The new indictment is based on additional (digital) documents, said to reinforce the original charges, which prosecutors […]

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This should be a mistrial. It’s as simple as that.

24 Haziran 2011

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That is the conclusion of Claire Berlinski, an American author and journalist based in Istanbul, on the Balyoz/Sledgehammer trial. Berlinski, who has been following the case, visited the trial in Silivri and her judgment is clear-cut.  She considers how the case would be handled in an American (or any impartial) court and imagines the dialogue […]

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