Newsweek gets it too

17 Ağustos 2011


“The web stretched still wider last year after an unknown person deposited with a journalist a suitcase of documents and CDs purporting to contain proof of a coup code-named Sledgehammer, allegedly planned in 2003 under the leadership of the First Army commander, Gen. Cetin Dogan, for which nearly 200 officers face trial. The “evidence” is highly suspect. What is genuine in the dossier—an official recording of the Army seminar that was allegedly the plotters’ “dress rehearsal”—contains no trace of a conspiracy. The single incriminating CD containing detailed plans of the alleged coup, dated 2003, is a demonstrable fake created no earlier than 2009; it lists ships not then built, hospitals that did not exist, organizations not yet founded, vehicle license plates issued in 2006, and nonexistent military units. The alleged authors of other documents in the case got their own titles wrong, misspelled their own names, or magically contrived to use computers to which they had no access.”

You can read the article by Rosemary Righter here.

Abone Ol

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2 Yorum “Newsweek gets it too”

  1. Don Tsoo Themesengr Says:

    Where do thewy “get it”. Not from you and your network of Zionist-neocon friewnds network?

    you can’t smear the sun with mud (even if your jewish)


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