Arşiv | Kasım, 2012


23 Kasım 2012

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Fethullah Gülen on the Clash of Civilizations – then and now

13 Kasım 2012

10 Yorum

We gave snippets previously of Fethullah Gülen’s appalling views on Jews, women, and the U.S from the mid-1990s.  We also mentioned that Gülen has never come to grips or apologized for these views, even though he presents himself as a moderate religious leader interested in promoting inter-faith dialog. The Gülen movement responded to our post […]

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Fethullah Gülen, the Jews, and hypocrisy

05 Kasım 2012

15 Yorum

Fethullah Gülen calls himself a man of moderation and tolerance. “Inter-faith dialogue” is one his movement’s trademarks.  He and his followers go to great lengths to reach out to believers of other religions and their leaders. When you go to his English-language web site, you see the words “understanding and respect” right underneath his name. […]

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